Vicar of Dibley – Fundraising Update

MTP’s first collaboration with Project Play, an organisation for anyone who enjoys being on the stage, acting or being part of a production in any capacity. Project Play is a community based touring play that travels around various theatres in the South West, raising money for charity through its work.

This year MTP and Project Play took on The Vicar of Dibley. A side-splitting stage adaptation of Richard Curtis classic tv show.

From the somewhat inappropriate Owen Newitt to the dithering Jim ‘no-no-no-no’ Trott, the officious Frank Pickle to the culinary challenged Letitia Cropley, all the iconic villagers were present on stage, headed up by the pompous David Horton and his much put-upon son Hugo and then of course Alice Tinker.

Congratulations to MTP and Project Play for a very successful run with some shows selling out! Frome was part of raising the amazing total of £4,640!

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